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Gladfield Light Chocolate Malt is a lighter version of their Chocolate Malt. It is produced in a similar way but roasted to a lower temperature and has a lighter colour. This Malt gives fantastic roasted and espresso coffee like flavours. A great addition to Stouts and Porters. Brewers are often wary of using Chocolate Malts because they are often associated with imparting bitter, harsh and astringent flavours. These flavours are formed when the husk is burnt during the roasting process. Gladfield Malt have perfected a unique process that keeps the husk moist during the roasting process which limits these bitter and astringent flavours from forming. Gladfield’s Chocolate Malts are still darker malts, but impart smooth roast flavours to the brewed beer.


Use: Adds coffee, chocolate and roast flavours

Rate: Up to 15%.

Wort Colour: 850 - 1100 EBC


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