Black Rock American Pale Ale Beerkit 1.7kg

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Crafted series kits use specialty malts and extra hop additions to create beer recipes that really stand out from other malt extract kits. This APA has Cascade hop pellets added at canning to infuse their grapefruit aromas in the extract, made from ale, caramalt, and lager malts.


Brew with Black Rock Unhopped Ultra-Light, or combine 2 cans of APA for a more powerful hop aroma and bitterness.


Recommended yeast: 11g US-05

Malts – Ale, Lager, Caramalt

Hops – Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Cascade

New Zealand Artesian Water

Premium Dry Brewing Yeast Sachet (under the lid)


Typical Analysis (This can only): Colour 12 EBC, Bitterness 27 EBU Typical Analysis (Brewed with Ultra-Light): Colour 17 EBC, Bitterness 27 EBU