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Pale Ale malt forms the majority of the grist for a typical UK Pale Ale or Bitter beer and is made from some of the best spring and winter barley available. There is an emphasis on low protein barley to provide higher extract levels but still acceptable levels of enzymes. The barley will be fully-steeped and germinated before the green malt is loaded to the kiln. Kilning is a carefully controlled process removing moisture to a relatively low level without destroying excessive amounts of enzymes but imparting characteristic flavour and colour. Even with a diastase of only 40 IoB there is still enough activity to convert for example 5% of Crystal malt and 5 -10% of cooked adjunct (e.g. flaked maize).


Colour: 5.0 - 7.0 EBC


Please order quantities using the 1kg and 100g increments. If you want quantities of less than 100g, no worries - please call or email us to place your order.