Bairds Brown

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Can be used to produce Bitter and Mild Ales and sweet Stouts in the UK, as well as the traditional London Porters that have come back into favour recently. Brown malt, having a slightly higher colour than Amber malt imparts a dry, mild coffee flavour and a darker amber hue. These flavours are quite intense and caution in the use of these malts is required. These malts are manufactured by roasting kilned malt - a Lager malt of good modification is best - progressively raising the temperature of the material from ambient to 150/160°C. The browning reactions in the production of these products are non-enzymic because there is no saccharification stage and therefore the end products are nitrogen containing heterocycles of the pyrrole and pyrazine type, the pyrazines being mainly responsible for the bitterness.


Colour: 110 - 130 EBC


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