Silica Fining Agent 1 Litre

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A silica and polysaccharide blended formulation that has been specifically designed for the rapid sedimentation of yeast, protein and other haze forming particles primarily for use in tank conditioned beer. •Suitable for beers to be bottled •Suitable for keg beers •Low dosage rates •Stable at ambient temperatures Best added to your fermentation, or secondary conditioning tank after the beer has been cold crashed. We recommend dosing at 1mL fining agent per litre of beer (a 1L bottle will clarify 1000L of beer). The manufacturer recommends anywhere from 70mL to 175mL per litre of beer. Rates of addition are typically within the range of 70ml per hectolitre up to 175ml per hectolitre. The exact rate will depend upon whether or not kettle finings have been used in the Brewhouse, the addition of auxiliary finings, the degree of yeast flocculation, yeast count, pH, temperature and the residence time on chill at the end of fermentation and the strength of the beer. Optimisations should be carried out to determine the dosage rates more accurately. Bring your empty bottle back for a refill and we will take $2 off the price.